• Miss u

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    Head’s aching like crazy. But all I hear is a little voice in head saying “I miss u”. I miss who I become around u . wish … Oh fuck! Who am I kidding ? You mean so much more to me than u could ever imagine. No flowery words or poems today. Just missing

    Weak in Love

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    I’ve never felt this way, ever in my life. I’m hoping it’s temporary. Sharp and deep and cuts straight through my bleeding heart. He’s under my skin.

    Email/Tablet Angels

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    Beyond beautiful words, as always, painted with by you! And such glorious message …

    In your continued words I see so clear, repeatedly, a wise tale or plan, your elegant drawing of our future’s past, the cleanest one, a novel one, made of celestial particles and dust, felt deeply and untouched, the one tailored to permit the realest of unreality, a love so fine it’s of free of sin, because for our love to exist, there really is no need for any worldy mundanity, such as one simple word to ever be spoken.

    In awe, respect and love for you, I bow my head in deep, sincerest prayer, to hear, listen, follow your words, each letter a bright light, your guidance, your ethereal vision, and in my simple understanding all I can do is humbly repeat my simple words, words in hope you always recognize, no mistake made, no mixed up identify of adored broken hearted, the words you know I treasure much, always forever, forever always, I speak these words in celebration, of your most honourable declaration, as you are guided by heaven’s highest expectations, beauty, order, rules, hard labour, discipline and finest fairy tale morality.

    And so it was, is and will, that as of now, it’s very simply our thoughts only ever more, that we will, from now on, smile, cry, dream, wish, fly free of any unnecessarity such as modern world worded vocabulary, a human boundary, no need for that, for as in true infinity, no paper, screen, phone, human touch or pencil was, is or shall ever be needed.

    Such as the silver Angels high above, is it a pen or phone they carry in order to be merry?

    The universe and all the stars are in agreeance, and so are twin comets, cirrus clouds, the fertile soil, blue rivers, black streams and our crystal clear spring of consciousness, with certainty and might this has been cut in stone and paper, a liquid permit with authority was given, issued by all of seven oceans, that as of now on, forevermore, our souls don’t even have a need for such mundane communication form as written poetry … preferring to entirely exist, just and only, in our dreams. To ensure for evermore, and render our undying eternal love to be of such virginity as if we, us, you and me, have never even been born in flesh to only meet, while destined for certain unpurity!