• To the ones I’m leaving behind…

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    To my mother: I wish it didn’t have to end like this. I tried to make you happy. I really did. You never did anything wrong. Please don’t think this is your fault. I just want to do this; I need to do this. When I’m gone, don’t become an empty shell like you did

    Please hurry up

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    Please do hurry up or I might succeed in forcing myself on someone unattainable again and then let the never ending cycle of unrequited begin once again. Some things have sparked the light of hope in me but please hurry. This fire of hope might die out by the time I decided to jump into yet another storm.


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    Good morning gorgeous,

    Just wanting to say a few things.
    Look my intentions are Good with you. I genuinely love who you are as a person. Look we fell in love, it wasn’t suppose to happen but it did. You don’t like being alone and I hate that your not allowing yourself to be in my life. I don’t know why we Just can’t start over a fresh and take it from there. Nothing you could ever do Will make me dislike you, you have my heart. I want to enjoy life with you again. It’s not all about sex with me. I genuinely enjoy being around you! Something in me feels complete with you in my life. When your gone it feels empty/sad. Im getting use to the idea that you may never come around well because I scare you. Your not use to feeling the way you feel about me. I know because I’ve read stuff you’ve written other than whats on this site! Im jaded too. I don’t know what I could say that would make you realize you don’t have to be scared of me. I like that I’ve gotten to know a different side of you. It’s a side of you I wish I could experience in person and not by letter. If that never happens then I will just have to be thankful that at least you’ve shared a part (takingoffthemask) of you with me by letters. I will take what you give me! Your tired of being alone and I want you in my life so I can learn you. Why done we hang out and make eachother happy. I think about you a lot and I miss our hugs! I know begging won’t work and I can’t force you to not be scared of me. Im free all weekend he’s on nights Fri, sat, sun, Mon night so he sleeps all day! So Im free days or nights. My daughter is staying at a friends house till Monday. I am absolutely yours if you want to hang out!
    If not I understand. This site is a lot less confusing than what is was…. I was thinking S was on the site too. I love you and I hope you give me a little text saying Hello want to hang out? Lol my chihuahua misses you! I said your name the other day and his ears perked up and he ran to the door looking for you! Lmao
    My daughter also wants to say hi. She’s asked about you and wants to know if we are going to so Six Flags with you this summer. I told her I don’t see why not!
    Let’s start hanging out if you wanna because I wanna. I will not hurt you!

    Love your girl always
    Love to the core!

    That Name

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    Your name runs in my brain.

    That name drives me insane.

    Its always in my head at 2am.

    Your name especially the last,

    Because your name I loved and I wanted to take.

    I wanted to be your last.

    But Instead your name haunts my brain.


    What are you and I?

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    Where exactly do we stand?
    Because friends don’t normally live with friends. Your little sister thinks I’m your girlfriend.

    I’m not. Because I can tell you don’t fee that way about me.

    Yes so you kiss me, but never my lips. You kiss me farewell on my forehead, good luck on my cheek, and you kiss my nose and my wrists when we’re messing about and playing our little games.

    Yes so you love me, but not that way.

    Yes so we slept together, but it wasn’t sex. You just held me against you and we fell asleep in your bed.

    But when will you and I stop playing games and define this?


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    Did you know it would be three years since we haven’t spoken?
    Since we’ve seen each other?
    Since we’ve last talked?

    I just wanted to tell you I made it. I’m almost done with school.

    I’m still looking into Grad schools. But I just wanted to tell you.

    So I can hear, ” You did it kid. You did it S. You’ve made it.”

    I honestly can’t tell you why I wanted to hear it from you.

    But I think you know why.


    Never believe

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    Believe in any thing a rusted ring a time forgot those words no matter what. Time is love forgotten nothing new. Love has become old no longer warm. Rip this memory away and let the pictures fade and believe again.