• LINS – be more specific people

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    A small fraction write letters they really don’t want the person it’s about to see but most, you write with a small vague hope in your heart that the person it’s about may happen upon this site and upon your letter and know it’s about them. I know this, I’ve done it myself… So people be more specific… I read stuff on here that even says ‘if ever you read this know that I will always love you’ etc and I feel for those posting as the truth is they will never know it’s for them or about them without a real clue and instead there are 100 people reading it who secretly hope, wish, believe it might be about them when it isn’t. So if someone was to go to the effort of reading on a site like this then it means they are in a place of torment themselves so let them find that letter if it exists… Who knows, there may be some broken hearts that have a chance of being fixed :)

    Give her a second chance.

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    Hey hun. I do like you a lot and you are all that is running on my mind. I get it that your ex may have nagged you so much that you decided to run away from everything. But, honestly all I want is your best and now she definitely looks to be worthy of a second chance. Your family looks perfect together. And I can see how much you still love her and she you. All u guys needed was probably some time away from one another. Can you not give u n her a second chance ? Let go of your ego. I know how you feel inside.
    I wish I could be with you and never let you see another but the void within you can only be filled by her I think. What ever the past was can you not put it behind and bring her back in to your life? Both of you love one another, it looks to me as though you just needed some time away. Next time she nags you just hug her, kiss her and show her that you’ll be there and things might turn out well.
    I am crazy about you. Hate to see you with another but hun had to tell you. It is not late yet I feel she needs you. she is gorgeous, you, kids and her look amazing together. I would want nothing to see you healed. It so hurts to say this as I am crazy about you but I sincerely feel it is worth a try, everyone deserves a second chance. Show her your charming side and you’ll see how much she still cares for you.

    P.S just so you know I do like you very much.

    In a daze.

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    The right attention from the wrong guy during a lonely time can fool you into thinking he might be the one.

    While this may be the true story here, I am hoping it’s not.

    He said I was the most beautiful girl hes ever seen. He told me he had never felt this way so fast. He told me he would never leave me. He told me he thought he could already be in love with me and that he saw a future.

    Then he took it back, and said it was all too much.

    Why do they come on so strong then bail when they cant handle the emotion?

    Are they all full of shit and looking for an ego boost? Or just afraid of getting their heart broken?

    I’m getting tired of this.

    I can’t help what I DON’T feel

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    This needs to be said. Sooner rather than later. I don’t want to hurt you by keeping this from you any longer and I certainly do not want to lead you on as I know this feeling and it tore me apart so bad.

    I don’t love you.

    Thank you for your love and attention. I appreciate it and I’m flattered so much and I’m sorry you mistook my kindness for romantic love towards you. Of course I love you. You’re my friend. But there isn’t anything else there. And there will never be. I am sorry to hurt you but its the way it is.

    I can’t be friends with you at the moment. I’m not sure if we can be.

    I wish I didn’t feel this way

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    You drive me crazy. All i want to do is kiss you all day and be there with you. No words required. Just you and me listeing to each other’s hearts beat. I just want you to feel the same so so much. I love you more than anything in the world and I would do anything for you, anything at all. I’m mad about you and I just can’t stop thinking of you, every second of every day. Let me give everything to you, my whole life, all of me. I am here hurting, aching for you, You are my everything. I need to wrap you in my arms tight and never let you go. I am so very in love with you. I know its so crazy but I need you oh so very much and I love you. I know I do. And I also know I want to spend every second getting to know you.

    Please don’t be so far away from me anymore. I really can’t take it much longer, if at all. Come to me. Come here where you belong, in my arms. I need you


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    It was almost a year ago I sent you a real letter. Didn’t help in the slightest. But it was a letter of apologies and meant for our destitution. You know I smoke lots. Because of you that is. I was not meant to hear about your problems on the first day of meeting you. I was very unstable later that week. My thoughts were. Finally I’ve found somebody. I was a 22 year old virgin male. It didn’t bother me. But know I know you’re problem which I believe to be just lies. Which entered my head when I was in hospital whilst I was delusional. She couldn’t do that stuff she spoke about. But I convinced myself I could stop you doing it. So I couldn’t talk to you . but believing stupid things I believed at the time if I have one smoke of a cigarette you will be fine. And I would be fine. I believed I could telepathically speak to you. Because what made me realise I loved you was all the obstacles you pit in my way. I wanted to secretly find away to stop the pain. I even told you that I loved you. And looked you in the eye. You must have seen the fear both my eyes Felt lost. Then I started to see things as they were. You’re very young. I’m rubbish at expressing my worries so I never said. I hope to God that you haven’t told anyone except maybe one or two close people. I know you don’t love me. The last time I was over wasn’t fair. Oky so you have grown. But I saw no light in your eyes. Like you looked dead when you starred at me. On the first visit I saw something out of this world in you. I don’t know how to go on not knowing how you are living. I think you did know how beautiful you were and you convinced yourself you needed close company. Power trip you enjoy. Now I have had sex with four different girls. And I believe you were my soul mate. But no reply to a letter and yes you’re changing daily but I want to be informed. In your own time doesn’t mean when you are 18.

    When you reach that pivotal age. I want nothing to do with you if you have decided not to acknowledge me.