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    “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.” .

    I joined a cult

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    We’re getting disbanded and it’s giving me tons of mixed emotions. I am no longer a king…. And some of our members will face nine judges in a few months time. I have no family left. Now I have nothing.


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    they say you only fall in love once.. But every time i look at u i fall in love all over again.

    Wish :/ :’

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    Wish upon a star, wish you could be part of my life. Wish so much that I could see you again and be close.

    It’s ridiculous how much I miss you. :/ :’
    It’s almost a bit stupid, but I can’t help it. I feel stuck and you’re the only person I want to see. But it’s not all about me anyway.
    I think I feel like this because, nothing was ever settled over just left. Although slow, years have passed quickly. It will soon be Christmas again. I am baffled by you, but cant bear to contemplate that you’ll never speak to me again.

    I guess it’s also a bit harder because, I don’t know how you feel, I.e. Whether you’re just messing or you do want to know. I definitely think the latter. Just don’t know what I should do. What can I do that will be right?


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    I love u sweetheart.. Doesn’t matter how long or how far u are or where you’ve been.. My love for u grows.. And it stays with me.. Yea its kind of a bittersweet feeling But when i hear from u.. i get so happy and fluttery inside.. All these years i still cant figure out what it is that makes my heart keep u in and locks the others out.. Maybe just me but i miss u so much ur touch, ur kiss, ur being i cant help but fall for u even as the years have passed us by.. When i’m with u i can feel so much that never thought possible.. I know u love me there’s no doubt in that.. i understand the situation and i feel for u.. I do.. Anyway I love u and since i cant be around i need u to start taking good care of urself ok :-* and really try lol okay love goodnight.. <3

    Guessing Games

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    I miss you more than you will ever know.

    You are always with me even if you are not
    Even if I don’t want to
    You are such a profound part of me

    Did you get my email?
    Did you get my text? Admittedly, I wouldn’t have known how to reply if I were you either.. I had a buzz, what can I say. You could have replied something though, something, anything..

    Stupid me, I check my IM almost daily to see if it still works even though I’ve no idea if you are still on. Guessing you’re not, not for me anyway.

    Reading you on the other site makes me wonder, wonder who is on your mind writing those words.
    Assuming it can’t possibly be me ..

    Sigh, no, of course not for me or you would have written something, anything, directly to me. I’m such an idiot, I am still doubting my logical conclusions cause what they’d mean would put the final dagger into my soul .

    Ahhh it hurts so good, stab it in one more time and stab it deeper cause I’m numb and obviously dumb, too dumb to understand..

    You owe me nothing, nothing at all but I wish I meant more to you than silence.

    In the event those words were for me, I wish you’d have enough faith in me not to feel the need for guessing games.

    Did I tell you lately?

    Feels good to let it out, even if this remains in LINS. I sincerely hope that maybe some of you feel me and what I am going through. Maybe someone full of doubt and fear will realize what it’s like to be on the other side. Maybe someone careless enough to fall into silence instead of the direct approach of breaking up will..
    Wishing all of you ease, peace of mind and most of all..happiness