Ring of Fire Eclipse

The night before I had stayed up all night working on a portrait of my friends for their upcoming binding ceremony. I was pleased with my progress by the end of the night, feeling sure of their likeness. I had used two snapshots from the engagement party to splice together a solid foundation of them in front of the Black Sky flag.

When the eclipse came I was still intent on my studies and was only made aware of its occurrence when my neighbor messaged that my kid and I could share her glasses for viewing.

It was a pretty awesome sight. The air had a supernatural quality to it, and all the shadows cast on the ground splintered into thousands of tiny crescents. My child still talks about his excitement of the experience and I’m thankful my neighbor thought to remind us.
The following day my husband meets with a lawyer that his mom helped pitch for as added protection for the upcoming trial. The news is almost happy when he returns in that his attorney says there’s the possibility to move the trial forwards as a zoom call. If he can get all that chaos sorted appropriately with minimal timesuck, that’d be helpful.

Now I need to get my shit together to make sure the bachelor/bachelorette party at the axe throwing place goes on without issue this weekend. I’ve ordered little dragons and axes to decorate the treats . I’m pitched in some time to help the pride put together the shields and spears for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. ( the 3d prints that they’ve been building to their theme at home have been impressive. ) I feel like I’ve checked all the major duty fulfillment boxes but the bride also let me get by pretty easy in responsibilities, however I’ll probably still feel like I’m missing something and inadequate until after my part is done. How fun to get the bulk of her portrait done during the eclipse phase though, the symbolism manifested is quite satisfying.

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