Miller time

Oh, man. Where do I start today? So many things I wish I could say to you.
Tonight you came in and saw a stitch stuffed animal, smaller than the one you spotted last night and more affordable. I had already gotten mine and shoved it in my back pocket. Stitch eating a watermelon slice. You picked stitch drinking from a coconut. With only 3 choices, the other being stitch with a pineapple. I watched you go over them a all a couple times. Watched the realization on your face when you found the straw in the coconut was attached to the mouth. Same as I had just a couple hours before.
A while later I was doing something and said “I just need my muffin. I need something for breakfast” and at that very second, right as I punctuate that t… I looked right into your eyes.
One Mississippi
Two Mississippi
“Oh how I wish I could escape my own mind sometimes” came flying from my lips as I break eye contact. Instantly regretting it. Its crazy that I can look right at those eyes, beautiful and bright. Somewhere between moss green mixed with winter chimney smoke grey and hints of blue, swirled with flecks of honey. *chuckles* I can see how DMV would get the color wrong every time. I can look right into your eyes, and time seems to stop. Voices start to drown out.
The music fades. All that’s left is you and I. Then in an instant. Bam! I panic and flee.
Why? No clue. Maybe I know deep down its never going to be more than it is now.
Hell, what is it now? Friends? Acquaintances? Or worse. Am I just another woman who has a crush on you? Half the department seems to know about me having a crush on you somehow. I cant tell if its bad or not. Its all so confusing.

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