I’m not responsible for your toxic thoughts.

Well, it didn’t work out – how could it, given all the circumstances – and probably wasn’t much more than a crush that had to end before it had a chance to end naturally. That’s probably what kept us in that weird loop for so long. The mystery of what if and the lack of a chance – me at least. I admit that I got obsessed with that. In my mind it was paradise that kept me going. Now years later and after all that crazy shit I’m healed I guess. When I think of you I can hardly recall that feeling I had. I don’t hate you, I don’t love you, it’s nothing anymore. But I believe that all of this has a deeper meaning. Now I see “red flags” everywhere I go. When I was young I just wanted to feel. That’s over now. I’m not able to unthink what I see. My heart is in prison and will probably never be let out again. It’s not your fault. It was in prison before.

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