I have a little battle cat

Her name is Astrid
She struggles with her feelings
When they get real big
She lashes out
She shrieks and shouts
To her brothers and sisters chagrin

My solution to the problem
Was risky at its best
I reasoned if I could divert her anger
There would be less excess

I send her to the outdoors
Where she might chance a hunt
But the other day post Heilung
She went missing for three days

Day three She wakes me up
In the early hours of night
Meowing at the window
That she was tired of being outside

She had been lost but thankfully
I listened to friendly advice
And left a litter box outside
So she could sniff her way to safety

She learned a valuable lesson
Dry from the rains that followed
She’s not so great a hunter
And she’d rather deal with siblings than cold weather

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