Letter to a friend

To the person I’m writing this letter,

I never thought I would write an anonymous letter like this and I know you would never read this. Just wanted to say something to you. I know you loved me. But I am really sorry I can’t reciprocate it. I really wanted us to stay friends. But you said you can’t do that. I understand your feelings and I am sorry if I hurt you. I never thought you would walk away from my life like this. You probably won’t even talk to me and may never see me again, but I just hope you won’t hate me. You will always be a good friend of mine. I really hope you would find a girl who loves you the same way you do. May all your dreams come true one day..

Your friend


If you think that I want to go down the same road again, you are sorely mistaken… I want to carve out a way forward.

Your insecurities mirror my own. I am ever  feeling unworthy of you… it’s gotten better recently, though. If you want some validation, here you go:

-You’re smart
-You’re funny
-Your eyes are my favorite shade of blue
-Your accent is muy caliente
-You stick to your morality
-Your path has been fraught with at least as much trauma as mine and you still keep going
-You’re eloquent
-If souls were diamonds, yours would have unparalleled fire
-You are a good listener
-You can make me smile even when I feel like hell
-You enjoy a good challenge
-You are excellent at chess
-You are the only other chaotic good person I know
-When given unlimited power over me, you made me quit smoking instead of forcing me to do tasks that were perverse (not going to lie, a few perverse acts would not have been amiss)
-You didn’t think the list would be this long
-You are reasonable
-You are fair
-You’re a redhead (<3)
-You have good taste in music

I am going to leave it there. Not because I’ve run out of worship and tribute, but because it’s 5:20 am and I haven’t slept.