I can see it in your eyes….

You want it. And guess what, I want it too. I want you. All of you. Let me say that again. I want all of you. And I know what you so desperately need, because I need it too.

You are so pretty, it’s hard resisting the urge to kiss you whenever I see you. I wonder if you keep your beautiful eyes open or close em. Mine will be open, lost in awe. I like playing little games, like footsie, but with our tongues, and we both win every time. A mouth as pretty as yours would be very good at other games too, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.

The neck is criminally underrated, no? This beautiful trail that leads my mouth from yours down to your perfect chest. But I’m taking the scenic route, your soft moans in my ear encouraging me to take my time. After all, there’s no rush, there’s literally nowhere else I’d rather be, except, well, we’re getting to that.

Time for the second course, your wonderful breasts. And they both deserve equal amounts of affection. Baby, I hope it’s ok, but I can be a little rough. As much as I like to kiss, and lick, and suck, I also enjoy lightly squeezing and biting. I might leave some marks where only you can see to remember me by.

You have such a tight little body that I know you work so hard for, and I want to cherish every bit of it with kisses along your tummy down to your exquisite thighs, where I once again might feel compelled to mark you as mine. And I could go on, but I can’t resist any longer.

Not to detract from anything I’ve already said, it was and is all very true, but we both know who the star of the show is. I wonder if you have a name for her? Can I give her one? Maybe I should get to know her first a little better. This is another fun game. I’m going to take my time, even though you’re already so wet I know you’re ready for me to take you now. You have to wait as long as I want. I am in control. Just lay back, grab me by the hair, and close your eyes.

Call me Cousteau because I’m about to explore. Like any diligent adventurer I must investigate the outer areas first. Intrepidly, I also search within for the fabled treasure. But while you taste so good I could stay here forever, what is this but discovery of the precious jewel to the north! I must excavate with my tongue. With each moan I fall further into a berserker rage, consumed with the solitary purpose of pleasing you. And I won’t stop, can’t stop, until I feel you quivering and your legs close around my head.

So what’s next? Well, I’m not in control anymore, so I guess that’s up to you.

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