Perfectly cooked

Steaks, tempura Greenbeans, and some experimental sage and chive potatoes that came out wonderfully was the culinary conclusion to tattoo and mattress delivery day.
My husband returned from Old Larimer street tattoo to suprise the kid and myself during the walk home from school. He revealed a very beautifully rendered cabin in some deep dark woods against some very red skin that his buddy Oz did. He’s very vocal about his tender bits.

The next day we visit petsmart while the kid is in school. The idea is just to browse since babies are starting to arrive with the spring season, and maybe see if they carry an automatic treat dispenser for while we’re away.
It was very difficult when we got thereunder are greeted by some very friendly fur babies behind glass. One of them sticks out as a possible candidate and he is just the absolute joyful sort, the kid to chase his tail and play fetch, however there was some ongoing stuff with thevperson who vrought ut in for adoption.Husband struggles to say let’s wait a little longer.

We then visit the lumber store next door to get quoted on prices for our next home renovation and find some nice options. We tell them we’ll be back with the proper dimensions for the material split.

In the car however, my husband is having a meltdown and can’t drive, he’s all worked up about the kitten we met and I am cracking up. So I drive home, we re measure the living room and continue weighing the pros and cons of another kitty in our home, ultimately making another trio back to the pet store in an attempt to bring that cat home. After filling out all the paperwork though we were blocked off by a previously unheard of limitation of 3 pets in a home in our city, lady says something about being legally bound by their middle man provider contract to reject the sale. Now that it was out of our hands though, the husband could finally relax but talk of a new kitten didn’t halt all together, we still looked online at shelters and eyed a little buddy named Ned nearby that could meet all our needs. If we get rejected again it’s fine, it just means we wait until a better time.

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