Happy Birthday Linda

It’s been many months since you left , I considered sending you a card and gift for your birthday tomorrow , I won’t though you left for reason and I know you don’t want me in your life so I’ll stay away , Happy Birthday Linda 💋💋💋 Enjoy your day I sincerely hope you don’t feel as bad as I did on my birthday , I cried a lot today I missed you . I know you don’t understand me but someday you might , it’s not right the way your family treat people it’s not right that your mother shows a picture of a crying 3 year old and says Linda’s never happy laughing we both now why the little girl was crying , This night last year I was planning our little trip away I know you didn’t enjoy it or appreciate it but it was my best effort I spent a lot of time planning our few days . Happy Birthday my love . Goodbye 💋💋💋

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