A new neighbor starts moving in. I’m a little suprised at the speed of turnaround. The wife of the guy that offed himself over there sold the place to a rental company that was able to lease the place pretty immediately, surprising considering the rent is 1800 (we currently pay 800 but that is with ownership and a few refinances under the belt).

I first catch sight of the lady and her adolescent daughter through my window overlooking the parking lot. She bares a striking resemblance to Toni Colette. We become more formally introduced over her need for the garage key. I haven’t asked about what brought her here but she willingly offered up that she was a teacher of Reiki healing. I reckon if ever there was a space that needed energetic healing that unit definitely constitutes and I ponder the chances of her being drawn to that location for such an effort to be achieved.

My husband and I helped her move some boxes into the garage and I printed off a key so she wouldn’t have to stress about it anymore. Some of the items she’s trying to get rid of hint at her previously coming from a much larger home and when she tells me her daughter is with her father for the weekend and an older son in the military, I understand the likelihood of recent divorce but I don’t want to pry so instead I tell her about a shop a little ways away called Ritualcravt that I think she would really enjoy exploring before we part ways for the evening. She seems like the friendly sort.I hope her stay there is comfortable, and the neighborhood shows her a good time.

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