Hello! 🙂

First of all, I love you C. And I miss you already, or always. It seems like you already blocked me on that app. I asked you to, anyway. I know you’ve got more things to focus on and important things to do right now and so am I. But I can’t function much now honestly at the moment. I am doing my work, but I still need to go on this site to write this cos it feels too heavy.

I’m currently listening to the songs we love, still thinking of you. I miss you too much. I’m sorry if I acted that way, I was confused. Or well, this last one, I’m always the one who’s saying goodbye. I wanted to stay, also for you to stay. It hurts that you think that way, and I don’t know if I can achieve that expectation. But I love you. I wanna be with you on your happy and even sad moments, I wanted it to be with you. I understand that we had to do this, too. It may be for the better. But I still miss you and will always do. I wish you all the best! <3

Ofc this won’t be the last one. I know I can write lots of letter about you. For now, this will be it. Still hoping we’ll be together. I love you.

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