Confessing to you

Dear Ron… sweet Ron. I blush even saying your name. I don’t want anything. I just want to confess. We have had quite an easy working relationship so far. I do my best, but still, I depend upon your goodwill and I’d never do anything to jeopardize that. And of course, our current (and very separate) family lives. But I couldn’t help it… over time I realized just how wonderful of a person you are. I know, you are not technically handsome, but you’re… not even “cute”, you’re very much an average-looking guy. Sorry. But no worries, I’m no beauty queen myself, mind – just an ordinary girl. I’ve been trying to figure out the reason for those sleepless nights, even after I presented well. And I realized – it was because I was wondering whether I’d finally won your approval. Silly, I know. You did say it was great. What was I looking for then? And with trepidation, I slowly realized – I had developed feelings for you beyond work. Why am I so attracted to you? Why do I imagine talking about various topics with you all day long? Why do I want to know your favourite songs/movies etc.? Actually, it’s possible you’re just being a good leader. But to me you are so much more than that. You are a genuinely kind person. Kind, supportive, and considerate. Am I so broken that simple kindness wins me over? And when you make statements that are completely in agreement with what I myself say/think, I feel that karmic connection. Alas, I don’t know if we will ever even meet in real life. Or will I only have to gaze at you over Zoom? Sorry if that came across as creepy, but I’m just a harmless girl with a crush who doesn’t know what to do. I just want this message to reach you, somehow… through the ether… from mind to mind. Know that I admire you and appreciate you and really, really wanted to be friends. Maybe someday in the future. Maybe in our next life. Always stay this way, always be happy, be successful, be healthy, be at peace. And think of me fondly, whenever you do.

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