You’re so confusing :/

How can you have the ordasity complain to me about spending time with other people, when the only person you should be blaming for this is you yourself? Maybe if you sat down for five minutes, and observed that I hang around more with others, because you hardly ask me to hang out with you anymore, then this should be enough to make you realize that you won’t achieve anything. You can’t complain that me and you don’t spend enough time with each other, when you don’t even bother asking me to hang out with you anymore. I feel like I’m just task-orientated to you, yet you’re not bothered about actually hanging out with me. To you, it only matters that the newsletter is being worked on, and screw everything else. I feel like a robot. Friendship matters. Working on some newsletter every month, isn’t going to solve ongoing issue’s with this problem in our friendship. So either stop whining to me that you seen notices on my door, telling staff that I’m out at the moment with other friends. If you’re that bothered by it, you’ll try to make more of an effort. Otherwise you have no right. I don’t complain to you, when you spend time with other people. So what do you want from me then? How am I supposed to know? Friendships are about give and take, not about tasks, and complaining when a friend goes off with other friends. Maybe they actually put more effort into hanging out with me than you do. You’re not the Prince charming that you think you are.

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