no regret

I warned you. You knew before you hit on me what shade of Bad B I was beforehand.
You’d seen me put down the stupid when laughing at them simply wasnt enough.
I had a problem with how you treated me, I actually spoke to you about it.
You repeated the mistake and even took it another mile after that.
I fixed the problem, I got rid of you.
You thought you could just keep coming back, that was a problem.
I fixed that too, I punched you square in the dick by cheating on you.
I warned you, I don’t fight fair. I won’t live a life I hate, I won’t give my affection to someone who disrepects me. You attempted to become my lousy asshole boyfriend that made me unhappy. I had a problem and I fixed it.
One week later, all I wanted was to be able to end things as friends, you didnt allow that because you kept coming back. Why couldn’t you have just left it alone and have accepted the 1st breakup or even the 2nd? You really thought I was going to allow you to treat it like a game?
I don’t play little fuckboy games, I don’t play by “I’m a good girl-rules”.
I fight dirty. I don’t take shit. When I defend myself, there are no rules. I’ve literally never cheated on anyone in my life until then, but I knew it would burn your ass so bad that you’d never try crawling back, so I went there, I did it. I didnt just burn your bridge back to me, I nuked that fucker and dont regret it.

Next time a lady tells you its over, accept the loss and walk the fuck away before she shows you she’s capable of literally anything to stop the stupid she’s already thrown away from coming back.

One thought on “no regret”

  1. As much strength as you are trying to portray, the whole ‘i did something I wouldn’t ordinarily do just to hurt you’ thing actually sounds incredibly weak.

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