My mother came to visit over the weekend, coincide with the Friendsgiving feast my lady friend was hosting. The timing ended up working nicely. After a day spent with mom and her husband at the Jurassic Quest event where we got to view massive replicas of dinos and the grand baby got to ride a Triceratops and help train a Raptor. Then by some weird happenstance I was able to mom into stopping at a metal restaurant called The Brutal Poodle for lunch because it was smack dab in the middle of antique row and she was of a mind to go Antinquing. The music was fast and heavy, they sat us outside next to a gnome giving two big middle fingers and a wall covered with fantastic graffiti, featuring Iron Maidens Eddie. The owner serviced our table, and somehow or another I would up with a free apricot ale on my tab.

During our antique walk,mom found a pearlescent carnival ware pitcher set I helped her get and she also found a present for my brothers boyfriend ( a lantern).

When my husband got off work, him and I headed over to my friends for dinner while ma watched our little one. There were two other people there aside from my lady friend, her boyfriend who made the bulk of the feast and her former Co worker friend that had joined us at the renaissance Faire. The co worker friend left after dinner but my husband and I stuck around for a few rounds of Joking hazard. My husband thinks her boyfriend looks like the lead singer of Doyle and now I can’t unsee it.
It was a good night.

Maybe next time My brother and his guy can make the trip, I hear the Van Gogh exhibit is really stellar.

2 thoughts on “Friendsgiving”

  1. you have a great social life with lovely family and friends. It’s nice to read about your adventures. Enjoy.

  2. Thank you and your kind words. Like everyone else here I’ve got my obstacles and hurts but typing out the good stuff helps me focus the right memories into cornerstones for when I am struggling. I hope you are in good health and company yourself.

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