Someday you’ll think about me. And realize it was your fault. That you never gave me a chance. That you placed insane expectations on me without contributing literally anything to my life. That every time I needed you, you were nowhere to be found, and every time you needed someone, I was there for you but you turned to someone else. You’ll feel a little regret. Like wow, I really handled that poorly. That will last about 5 mins then youll get back to feeling great about yourself. You won’t have YEARS of fucking pain and misery that will probably never go away like me. You won’t have constant feelings of inadequacy stemming from being treated like you’re worthless over and over. You won’t find yourself sleeping 18 hours a day because it’s hurts so bad when you’re awake and sober and can’t stop thinking about how you put in so much time and effort and really loved someone and just got spit on and ignored and abandoned. So thanks for all that. And nothing else, because that’s all you left me with.

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