Years ago, I was already in a similar situation. I was lucky to meet wonderful people, and they all changed me in ways I could never imagine. There was one person in particular who changed me most, and I will always be grateful for what this person has brought into my life. When this person disappeared, I was devastated, and I was so angry at myself because I let it happen. If I’m going to be honest, I still haven’t recovered from it. The fact that it was my own doing that caused it still haunts me.

Years later, you came like a breath of fresh air. I never thought you’d be the person to take that place I’ve reserved for someone else. A few days ago, I was about to repeat the same mistake I made years ago. I started shutting everyone out again, including you. It tickled my heart when I found out that you were upset when I didn’t talk to you-that you’ve been waiting for me, no one else. I’m sorry I’m not good at showing it, but I really appreciate you. Thank you for tolerating me, I love you so much. I hope you stay in my life.

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