Shoulda woulda coulda, AM

I should speak several languages.
I should have a model/athletes physique.
I should be an accomplished golfer and squasher? and just generally be good at all the rich people’s sports.
I should volunteer for charities.
I should read a book every week or month.
I should learn everything about and pay attention to the financial markets.
I should have written a book.
I should be married, and have children, and a promising career, and genuine purpose to my life.

All the things I should have done, all the wasted time and missed opportunities, weighs me down more than anything else. Every new day, I need to focus on the present and the future, and leave all my past regrets behind for good. When I do, even just with little things, I feel so much better.

How can you be okay with how things are?

I really miss you …I mean REALLY miss you.

I even dreamt about you last night and I was so annoyed when my alarm woke me..

So don’t say you miss me and don’t say it’s been too long… because for me it’s been much more than those words that you tell me that I don’t believe.

Because if they were true I wouldn’t be sitting here missing you.

Let’s Play

The cargo hold of the dc-10 was completely silent but for the roar of the engines. 4 strangers sat, spaced apart, pondering their own respective tasks. This would certainly be an interesting start to the important business meeting I was headed to. I pretended to inspect my diamond cuff links as I quickly scanned my fellow passengers. To my left, a middle-aged woman with a face hardened by many years in the sun. “Médecins Sans Frontières”, said the badge hanging around her neck. Across from her was a gruff, burly man with a prominent scar running down the side of his face. I noticed writing on his lapel that said “De Oppresso Liber”. To his left, and across from me, a beautiful woman. So beautiful that when she met my discreet gaze, I immediately got nervous and looked away. It takes a lot for this savvy international businessman to to blush. But she was all that, and then some. There were no distinguishing marks, tags or signs of any kind. Her clothing, makeup, even hairstyle, were unremarkable, but not in any way disturbing of her beauty. There were no reads I could make, and so on this plane of four mysterious strangers, she was the most mysterious.