2 thoughts on “If I knew then what I know now”

  1. Your sister IS Beatle juice
    Leave me the fuck alone
    It’s been way too long with fucking
    NOTHINg . You have no idea what I’ve been through and not Once have you asked how I’m going.
    I’m not even the same person anymore … so don’t even bother with me anymore
    You will just be disappointed … so fuck OFF

  2. You mean my Brady bunch sister ? I don’t know her very well beyond our social media interactions, and my brother may be gay but I’ve never heard him identify as a lady.

    Is it possible you mistook a shared visual experience with your person as this interaction with them? Instead of this stranger presenting something from a different perspective of personal resonance.

    I liked this clip because it was a statement of, ” well if I knew what came later I wouldn’t have cut my time short.”

    As a person who narrowly evaded that , I was viewing that line from a space of pride in the sense of I found some stuff that kept that outcome from this space. Reasons to endure, that kind of thing.

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