Same Old

Do you ever listen to yourself? This is what I hear. “Nope, not my fault, that’s the way the universe wants it.” “Nope, none of my concern, you brought it upon yourself.” “Nope, I’ve never affected or influenced your life in any way, that just a product of your sick mind.” Basically, deflect all blame, accept no responsibility, and merrily carry on just like the president would.

You know what would help me? Hearing you say “Sorry”. Once. 8 years not once have you ever expressed contrition or remorse for anything. Not your vindictive punishments when you don’t get your way. Not for all the times I’ve been cursed out by you and your family. Not for never ever doing anything to support me. Me, crying at my graduation because you didn’t come, but went to another one instead. Me, crying at my mother’s bedside because you wouldn’t talk to me. You, calling me weak minded and refusing to be a part of any solution that doesn’t require me doing all of the work and shouldering all of the responsibility. I don’t have any problem accepting 50% of the blame for the things that have happened and will happen, if you can even accept 1%.

I’m sick of it. Your sanctimoniousness. Your condescension. We may be very different people, raised differently, whole different experiences and situations and people we encountered throughout our lives, little epiphanies and bits of wisdom we picked up along the way. But I’ve always valued that about you and seen how it could complement me with you as my partner. You don’t recognize any of my value. Its painfully obvious the way you absorb absolutely nothing at all that I say and turn around and criticize pretty much everything about me and expect me to change. And its literally been that way since day one. You don’t see me as anywhere close to an equal, and that really hurts me a lot. You don’t get to tell me otherwise. I am not going to ignore the negativity you’ve injected into my life because its easier for you to only focus on the good.

That’s it, rants over. You can go back to pretending that I don’t exist.

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