I’m celebrating my birthday with my family out in the country when I get a newsbreak about a string of robberies at various 7/11 convenience stores in southern Cali that result in multiple deaths and widespread chain closure. For some reason I feel it’s my fault, even though I would never dirty my hands with such actions.
I move on with my day anyway. Mom takes grandma, my husband, daughter and myself out for Mexican food for lunch. Then later, after my brother gets off work, we all head out to my brother and his partners farm so the kid can have her first legit horseback ride. The horse Rambler is a beautiful white sweetheart, and he treats my lady with care as she walks him around the grounds, she absolutely radiates happiness and I’m so grateful that my family was able to facilitate this experience for her, and having the day turn out so beautifully somewhat eases my existential dread that everything is my fault.

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