Happy Birthday

Hey again , it’s the end of the day , end of your birthday day thank god , I haven’t seen or heard from you in months , I miss you I really do but that’s life , I bought you a present and card today and had cake with my workmates in your go out they didn’t know it was your birthday but we had cake , I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your birthday with me last year I done my best to make it nice for you , but I’m sorry I don’t know how much I could have don’t differently but still I’m sorry , at least this year your with your family that’s where you’ve always wanted to be I know that that’s why I sent you home and no anywhere else , I’m sorry that your family and I don’t get on but I tried my best at all times to keep away from them and that worked for three years I don’t understand there need to put other people down and mock them and all the things that they do or to be honest all the things you and your family do , anyway thankfully your home with them and I’m alone the way ye all wanted it and yes I’m heartbroken every day I keep busy and hope for better times , I was seriously upset yesterday morning I cried very very hard today not at all so far I thought I would be awfully upset today thankfully not yet . I know you hate me and wish me all the worst maybe someday you will understand my feelings and that’s it’s not nice to be treated badly by your partner to be made feel bad about being yourself I know I’m not brilliant or fabulous but I never claimed to be I’m a ordinary man , you know any person in this world would condemn your family’s behavior full stop it’s not normal to have a big laugh at everybody and everything everyone else does and for them to be so brilliant but it’s them who laugh at you and say nasty things about you , I know I’ve lost nothing but i still hurt but I feel you have lost the only person every to stand by that little girl in the picture the one your mother laughs at and says you were never happy ……….. I wonder why that little girl wasn’t happy !!!!!!!! Your family are animals and your “ parents” truly belong in jail for many many years hopefully you will see this at some stage in your life and you won’t feel as alone as I feel , you never had my back I always had yours ,

Take care and Happy Birthday

I feel this for me is the absolute end I wanted to get over this birthday of yours I managed my birthday and Christmas and new year alone now for me I feel I’m strong again

Enjoy your life , Goodbye

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