Spring break

And we get it kicked of with a prehistorically good time, taking a visit to the Jurassic World exhibit at the National Western Complex. It was a short but sweet display of how far animatronics have come in time, giving the impression of being up close and personal with a blinking, roaring Tyrannosaurus and it’s fabricated relative the Indominus Rex. My kids favorite part was the creation lab with the baby dinos, the detail they put into the baby dino puppets really delighted the little adventures in our group. It’s a pleasant distraction from the other news we have coming in right now.

My husband’s grandma gives him a call from Russia, he’s pretty grim talking about. By her own account , his grandma supports the war on the Ukraine, giving the impression that Russian troops are only there to ‘help’,, but this is already after the time when speaking against the war on Russian soil is prohibited and penalized. I’ve heard more from Putin talking that crazy talk about caste systems and bloodline superiority, even though I read that Facebook has been banned in Russia itself I still catch posts here and there from Russian artists I’m friends online with. It’s possible they’re using proxy servers but I don’t actually know but in some ways I get more or at least different news from all these folks over the battle of opinions I see broadcasted on the side by side news channels that I see at the gym. My husband shows me a vk video of a burnt out Russian military truck and there’s body parts strewn about around it, the camera pans to the ground and an ass that’s laying on the ground unattached to any torso or legs. Giving me a whole different perspective to the phrase “Hold onto your butts.”

Tuesday my husband gets a day to hang out with his work buddies. They enjoy some mushrooms and getting silly for a few hours. It sounds like a much needed bit of laughter for the hubs and all in a safe setting. As an added bonus , he came own with a big bag of fungi for us to split when we have bits of appropriate time over the next few months, we might enjoy a nice walkabout when we visit my folks next month and have grandparent childcare available.

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