I’m all out of trust

I’m All out of fucks to give. There’s not one person in my life that I can say really gives a shit about me. All you mktherfuckers are the biggest phonies on this planet. It must be me then. I’ve lost my shiny disposition I’ve lost the will to live. I’ve lost all hope that things will just get better. There’s no getting better. I’m surrounded with pain and hollow promises. I’m left to my own devices. I’m going to be completely strapped without anything in approximately 8 days. I need to make shit happen for myself cuz it’s clear that no one ever holds up their end of the deal. No one can be happy for anyone. No one is gracious with others. I wish I could just fade away from this life and just vanish. I tired of the hurt. I’m tired of the pain. And most of all I’m tired of the lonleyness that I have . I’m all alone. All of the time … And im saddened by it deeply saddened

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