Dear Z,

I mean, yeah, it’s all well and good that you APPARENTLY “adore” me. According to one of the male support workers, but then you try to control me. I can only take you with a pinch of salt, because I don’t TRULY know how you feel about me. It’s nice that you “adore” me, but I did hear that from someone else’s mouth. It’s not like you said it to my face, so I’m never quite sure whether to believe that. What’s irks me, is that you saw me staying up with Rachel and Ben, and you then said to me “What are you still doing awake this time of night?”. Seriously? You’re not my parent. What gives you any right to question what time I go to bed, what time I get up? Etc. I’ve never had a friend say that to me. Ever. That was quite controlling of you. Nothing gives you the right to question my life choices. I never question you on what time you go to bed or anything, so it shouldn’t honestly matter yo you anyway. Why would it? This is what I can’t understand. It’s not normal for any friend to ask me those kind software questions. What’s it to you anyway? It’s got nothing to do with you. You never even apologized for it, and then you stopped talking to me altogether. You’re very confusing and very complicated. Have a nice life. Hell, you didn’t even bother inviting me to your birthday party in 2021. The one you told me I was invited to, but looking back on that, you didn’t give me much detail about it, so you can’t have even been that serious about inviting me. I don’t even know when your birthday is. And you don’t know when MY birthday is. So we can’t be proper friends. What gives? And wtf? Goodbye. 😕

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