I still can’t forget the day you broke my trust. My scream was not just out of anger toward your possible infidelity, but from the fact that I had finally trusted another human being and had been let down in the exact same way. Sure, you say it doesn’t count because you didn’t actually do anything — but you did, dear. If you hadn’t sent those pictures or flirted with those women, she would have never been after you. It counts.

I often think about how things would be different had I chosen your friend over you, or had I gotten back together with my ex. Guess  it’s a little late for that, seeing as how we still have 9 months left on our lease. Still, it’s a common fantasy. Things aren’t the way I want them to be, and I don’t know that they ever will be.

I love you, I do. But I can’t trust you after what happened, and I’m not sure you’ll support me, or even if I’m safe with you.

I’m sorry.

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