I think you were alluding to the fact that I could have taken the initiative back then, which is entirely true. I liked you so much. I liked it when you looked at me with that smug, confident look. You could make me feel sexy just by looking at me. I liked it when you flirted with me for all you were worth. You could make me laugh like  no other boy could.

Except I was totally petrified.

But I never quit thinking about you. I’ve thought about you a lot in the last couple of years especially, and fantasized about how we would be together.

I look at your pictures and wonder how it feels to kiss you, to hold you and be held by you. I wonder how it feels to spoon with you, to look into your eyes without all those pretensions and so-called obstacles. I wonder how it would feel if you murmured in my ear, your hot breath on my neck. I wonder if you want these things too…

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