Am I bad?

Am I bad for wishing that since you have a daughter now, that she will suffer the same pain you put me through? That when that time comes, you will say “I shouldn’t have done that before?” Because up until now I haven’t received any genuine apology from you fully owning up to your mistakes without insinuating that it was my fault.

One thought on “Am I bad?”

  1. But you still might be an asshole.

    So often do men insinuate threats against my child when they don’t agree with something I’ve said. So Cocky when their speech and debate skills are so lacking.

    Just the other day , I had a different opinion than a guy on a Cracked article and his immediate response was ” your lucky I’m such a nice guy or I’d could troll the pages your child goes on” By troll he means terrorize. To which I respond that that’d probably make him out to be a creep and possible a pedo to resort to anyagonizing childs pages to retaliate against an adult with a different opinion, and if he were such a nice guy he wouldn’t have been making threats and pushing me to privatize my account to begin with.
    He continued on in attempting to private message me and denigrade me because of my being American. He never did offer up proper validation on why he thought he was so right, and while he was argumentative with other guys in the thread he did not perform the same threats or lurking.
    Some other guys saw what was occurring and did follow up with an assist, and I am aware that at least one moderator picked up what was happening.

    Is that how you wish to conduct yourself and be perceived? The type that if they can’t demand your immediate respect will resort to tactics to evoke fear.

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