I think I see you as I step off the sidewalk so my thirsty companion can get a drink.
The man smiles briefly but walks hurriedly by, silent when I offer up a good afternoon.
Silly me, it’s been well over ten years and I’m quite sure your day to day business keeps you occupied enough that that you showing up here of all places would be improbable, but I think about it still as I peer down after the man as he turns a block shy of where we’re going. The resemblance is uncanny in that brief moment I see his face and it dredged up a myriad of feelings, mostly the kind of missing I suppose. I shouldn’t fixate on these things so heavily, I have business to take care of too.

When I get home, I finish up my latest body modification practice, a little ankh on my pinky to remind me of pleasant fascinations in my youth.

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