For so long, I didn’t know why I had to suffer because of an emotionally abusive and toxic relationship. When it ended, it felt like I didn’t have control over myself. Relationships were ruined for me. I felt like every guy out there will hurt me the way he did. I continued dating assholes and I always got the same lesson again and again – to not settle for less. Then I stopped believing in love. Then an unexpected man came into my life. He did not pretend to understand my trauma. In fact, he asked, and I answered. He did not pretend to understand it at that point either. He took his time to learn about my scars but not once did he promise saving me from all of it. The only thing he did was to treat me right. He didn’t do grand gestures. He told me not to expect grand gestures all the time. Then I realized the bad relationships had to happen so that I’d know when I’m finally in a healthy one. Apparently, two people can have disagreements or fights even without all the shouting or the gaslighting. I felt like I could fully be myself. I can act hurt when I’m hurt. I can be angry when I’m angry. Then I understood what love really meant. So I pray to God this is it for me — the good karma after all that suffering from all the bad relationships

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