Unstable Conditions or The Promise of ‘Bob’ Fulfilled


I may look weird but I can kick your ass at Jeopardy and even if I can’t outsmart you, best believe I can out dumb you.

For 25 years you were my best friend and you had my love in all circumstances, you literally could do no wrong. A hero and inspiration.

Ever notice how I never get lost on my own or when it’s somewhere I want to go? Not going out there to be homeless with me? Neither am I and who the fuck said you were invited any way? I’ll never stay with you again? Well no fucking shit Genius. I’m divorced, ma is dead and there is nothing that could drag me back across the Mississippi and you made it even simpler. I never did anything to improve my life? Fuck outta here. 3 different times, I had it made, world by the balls. The common denominator in the failure equation? Yep. fucking with people from Hills. You. You fucked up OR, my marriage, and AZ. “OOOHHHHHI’m Mr Responsible. I don’t drive after I open my 1st beer so I can’t give you a ride home.” then proceed to rag my car out drunk driving dope fiends all around hells half acre while I sat around cuz I don’t deserve to do 5 flat, fucking pussy cut your wrist to the bone after 5 days in city jail.Your not an ‘Anarchist’ you’re a dick that breaks meaningless laws. Circle A tattoos and OFFER to wear a wire before there’s even any charges filed. Snitch motherfucker. Trying desperately to be accepted my the most fucked up people in any county. All baby rapers, wanna be cops, prison guards, inbred, stuck in 1983, weirdos. Well, you did glom onto the Gen X Jim Morrison, another dead junkie that slapped some words together and other brain dead junkies thought “with the lights out it’s less dangerous, here we are now enter anus,a mosquito, my libido, a denial, a denial’ was just profound. Hey, maybe if wear some faggot goggles and a different Nirvana shirt, the hillbillies and pedos will accept you as a Cobetto’s regular. You made it. You are one of them. And your brothers thought you should have ditched me years ago? The same pussies that fuck up way worse, couldn’t make it 24 hours in my life before crying, literal tears, “Mommy get me out of here. The streets are scary.” Do they remember the time we pulled out of IGA and I was sick of it all? At the tracks, I looked left, opened the door, said “My ride’s here” grabbed my pack, jumped out and y’all didn’t hear from me for 2 years? It was 4 days in 18″ of snow and a windchill -25 before I found a dumpster with edible food. Didn’t cry to mommy about my decision. Haven’t improved my life. What buying a trash heap and using band-aids to hold it together, committed to dying in Hills., waking up mad as hell you are alive again today? Having a full hissy over dropping a socket? Actually curious to see what adventure tomorrow holds? That kind of improvement?
You know how you all sit around bitching and crying about how bad roofing sucks, the blown knees, bad back, and you’re about to do it again because y’all lack the imagination to conceive, or the brass balls to do anything else?
How you call me dumb for not knowing how to roof? Jackass, you simpletons think I can’t put a roof on? I don’t advertise because roofing sucks, tears you down, and I see you guys. I can always ride the Luck Plane right past y’all. Same with plumbing, cars, and cement work. I’m dumb, not stupid. Send me to find a left handed screwdriver or a board stretcher? I’m looking for 4 to 5 hours on the comedian’s dime. Fuck outta here.
I figured you’d turn into a complete Bobbie. Preach the gospel like you’re in on the joke when you are , in fact, the joke. Then you ARE a biker. Scumbag, lying, thieving, back stabbing piece of shit. Gotta wait til I go make arrangements to get out then you gotta lie, say you sold the cabin and put my shit in storage. Fucked me out of my tattoo, car, the little I had of my mom’s, 17 years worth of pictures, then won’t take my calls. Coward. I hope the winter was cold, that wood was expensive and hard to come by, that you were out of people to keep your electric on. That is how you chose to go out. As a shit-fuck White. You made me feel this way. I was going to catch you slipping one day and get you on the phone, or better step out from around a corner and tell you this to your face but you stole every idea I had and passed it off as yours including the one where I die first.
You not only, don’t have to hear it, don’t have to answer for it, you died high, you fucking junkie.

That’s what hurts. My hate list was down to 1 and only because I enjoy hating shit-fuck harper now, I hate and there will never be closure.

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