Spring Break

The drive to my hometown is nice but long. We take stop in historic Georgetown to peruse antiques and craft chocolates, and make multiple supply stops on account of there being such limited variety once we get to town.

Day 1 I attend a service for a cousin in the LDS church in Vernal before they are sent to Missionary work on an island in South Africa. He’s a kid but he actually speaks pretty well to the point of ministering his word and faith through kindly actions to neighbors.
The young lady that spoke after him was not so to the point or understandable in regards to her trip to west Virginia. Neither knew how to close up shop when it was time.

We meet some of my moms husband’s family at his sister’s house afterwards for lunch. There are big paintings of Jesus and religious sites on the wall, but it is a nicely furnished space. I haven’t seen his sister’s since my babyshower years ago.
We are welcomed to a bounty of food left over from the previous nights party for Sage, and it isn’t long before the house fills up withextended family and their friends. There’s a conversation about Sage’s Trump shoes.
For me there is a moment of cringe when as one of the tie clad young men is departing, he is saying his goodbyes to the lady of the house and states that he’d much rather be there than working with a bunch of Mexicans. The lady, responding with that’s right!
My kid eats a bunch of pizza and has a dance party in the hallway, resulting in her throwing up in the hallway on the pristine carpet. The auntie is kind about it, highlighting how she knows how kids are and has experienced it as a mom more than once herself.
I thank them all for their hospitality.

Later I pick up my grandma and we all drive out to my brothers farm where we get to check out his new baby chick’s, before visiting with the ducks,chickens,peacocks,and horses out back. It’s very relaxing. My brother and his partner suggest me helping with a mural they want to set up in their kitchen later on. I immediately start obsessing over it. He’s gotta cover material cost but I think it’ll be a fun project, and my largest yet if this talk develops further. I’m thinking old west town and carriage type deal with their horses. I overhear some concerning stuff

I end the evening dropping my grandma off at her apartment where we scratch some lottery tickets and I leave with plans for lunch and shopping the next day.
It really hasn’t been quiet at all, and despite my misgivings at some of the things I’m hearing.

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