Playing behind the bar

I’m at Black Sky Brewery for my long time lady friends engagement party to her boyfriend David. There’s a few people I don’t know from her from her Dungeons &Dragons sessions, but I’ve met most of her family memories present.

As I order a beer at the beginning of the event, the scene on the screen catches my eye and I watch long enough to determine its from Legion before returning to the table.

Surprisingly my communications skills aren’t too rusty and I’m able to get David’s friend into good conversation pretty quick.When I walked in everyone was pretty quite, but when i showed up i think it helped Jen delegate her time between tables a little easier. Party buddy TJ also arrive and helps break in some conversations based on common ground. It’s a nice night, I’m able to let loose with four beers and I recognize the one of the bartenders from when I was hanging a few paintings here. They takes good care of me.

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