I miss our marriage

Dear Simon,

It has been 365 days since I have seen your face. Touched your hand. Been kissed on the forehead by you. I knew we were struggling…you had lost attraction to me. You had not been the partner that I needed…you weren’t working, you weren’t trying to better yourself…you weren’t ready to be the father I needed you to be to have children with you.

I miss you. We could have figured it out. If you had talked to me sooner, we could have worked on…I could have worked on my body image…if you had been willing to work on your work ethic. If you could pay my dad back for my ring…..if you could have just gotten your drivers license…if you could just have applied for jobs after graduation.

Why couldn’t we make it work? Why wouldn’t you just be the things I needed? We loved each other so much in the beginning. You then claimed that you were forced into being with me. Forced to marry me. I thought that was what we both wanted….

I miss you … I miss what I thought we were….

I wish you would call me.