It started with something quirky. I see a stranger walking down the sidewalk from my kitchen window perch. He’s being suspicious, looking all around like he’s on guard. He takes his shirt off, and even though it’s a little warmer it’s definitely not shirtless weather warm and still mounds of snow well preserved by the chill. He looks like he’s getting ready to dispose of evidence, or maybe he’s a tweaker with a need to streak.

About an hour passes and then the shrieking starts from across the
complex way. Bad screaming, the kind when you know something is wrong I can make out some words like get back here, don’t leave me like this. The teens are just starting getting home from the high school, and I see a kid in a red hoodie running around frantically. He pulls out his phone and he’s saying there’s someone that needs medical attention. I’m about to go outside to see if I can help him but when I peak out I see the mail carrier lady is with him and I retreat because I have to go get my own kid in a matter of minutes.

As I do step out the door for the trek to school, I see a mess of first responders by our mailboxes. I fill the neighbors in and when I get back from the pickup there an officer close by that I flag down just to relay what I saw and heard. I’m not sure if there’s a correlation but it seems relevant enough to pass on for investigative purposes. As I’m talking to him, a crime scene investigator pulls up that the cop directs back through the maze of buildings.
I’d like to know what happened myself but this isn’t the space to pry. He gives me my leave and I go back to my little box to make snacks for the kid.

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