Lose you to love me

He said “I didn’t mean to love you less”
And she filled it up with “more.
More sunlight and dropped dreams
More anxiety and forced actions
More mercy and laborious forgiveness.
She became smaller than a speck
In a useless universe.
Soon she wasnt even a blimp
And he smiled because she made the universe
All about him.
She didn’t realize hers was swallowed whole
Thank goodness for other overarching themes.
More books. More chapters
Less monsters disguised as “men.”
Riveting days where the gloom came became boring days that did not relate to the quintessential purpose by the author.
She learned “more” was the right word
Just geared to the wrong
Amused character. All of a sudden she wanted more.
More sunlight. More wind
More peace. More inner, harmonious living.
Less of this silly rant
Less of counting her cyclic gains and losses.

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