How I became a Real Man

It wasn’t when I hit puberty. It wasn’t when I realized some of the shit my father tried to tell me actually made sense. It certainly wasn’t when I decided to just start telling the truth and treat my father with respect and my wooden form became human flesh like some Pinocchio allegory bullshit. It wasn’t one woman, who stuck by my side no matter what until I matured to the point she actually wanted to be a permanent part of my life.

It WAS when I started taking accountability for my actions, even when I knew I was right. It WAS when I stopped blaming everyone else around me for problems I had, that I could have completely avoided by a different set of actions. It WAS when I started actually listening to women and stopped judging them. Mostly, it was when I put aside all the bs “woe is me” and started deploying my considerable abilities to help all those around me that I could who were vulnerable and could not help themselves.

THAT is strength. That is power. That is what being a man is all about. Praying to God that he gives you the strength to Shoulder the burden upon yourself to impact someone else’s life for the better. Girls are forced to become women by the time they have their first period. Boys 2 Men?? Not even ever guaranteed to happen in a hundred year lifetime. I’ve seen several times the light finally click on for someone in their 70s or 80s after they were told they were gonna die soon, they finally figured it out.

But that’s the cost, to be a real man, to be a good man, is you have to accept that your life is secondary to the lives of all those you care about, and you have to pay that price every damn day.

But, hey guys, its soooo worth it.

3 thoughts on “How I became a Real Man”

  1. Same self-righteous bullshit. Probably just another entitled privileged white boy acting like he figured out his issues. Fuck off no one cares!

    1. Imagine being proud of putting others before yourself and taking accountability for your actions is an offensive thing. You’re the clown, here.

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