Another person dies and I wonder where you are

Time catapults only a little ways.

The light dims in a life

Until there is no flame.

I’d rather see you smoldering

Than be left in the dark.

And I wonder where you fly to

Where are the crimson red floors now?

Who controls Fate and why did they decimate

My happiness?

Where do you cry to when all the world

Feels large and funny and your choices

So microscopic and fleeting?

Why did you leave me here to rot?

Time isn’t generous to anyone.

I miss your voice

I miss something you gladly wanted to get rid of.

So short is our arrival onto earth.

We barely picked our path

Before Death mocks us at

The doorstep of Life.

All we have is composed of nows

And those get thinner by

The hands of God.

The light vanishes one night.

Gone are the flames.

Didn’t you want to see me become ash?

I’m already riddled with embers.

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