Love you Mom & Pops

It started off as frustration but ended up in sadness, as I watched the bread drying out of the bread bin, and the rice drying out aside of the kitchen stove. Ive reminded my parents every other day to keep the bread in the bread bin, or to put the food in a container inside the fridge so it doesn’t dry and last longer.

As I see the food aging faster as it sits outside it reminded me my parents life is just coming to an end and there is no way to preserve them better to last longer. Their time is going to end up sooner or later and aging is revealing itself more and more in them each time. As I washed the dishes really angry and I realize this, my mood swings from being extremely angry at them to being sad, not only because they will leave this plain soon, but by the fact that im so hard on them.

I have to understand that my mom and pops arent in their 30s anymore, and that now I have to be the babysitter behind them making sure they close the door shut, turn the lights off, close the garage door, don’t leave the stove lit.

I have to change my perspective on them since today for I will not see their wrongdoings as something extremely bad but just another “oopsie”. I’m pretty sure I did lot of those when I was young, and up til my mid 20s I remember I was tornado. The tables have just turned, that is it. They are becoming babies and I have to take care of them. Mom, pops, I love you.

Your son.

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