Let you go

Im letting you go.
Not sure why just now but its a good a time as any. I won’t look at your Instagram, won’t see what woman you have fooled. Won’t worry about her mental health, think about her crying with her back against the door. I won’t want to warn her to run or save herself. Thats not my path now.
If I write this to you then it will be true. Your power had gone a long time ago, but still as you promised, you have haunted my thoughts.
I see you’re working with teens now. Really? Sarah – it’s not your path – you can let him go.
I could write and write and write, about all the wrong and spread the blame, enveloping everything you are. But hat has brought me no joy in almost 9 years. Maybe one day I could forgive you. That could give me some real peace. But for now you can fade into silence. That silence that heals and births new life.
Yes, I could do that. Once day.

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