Left in the Dark

Trying to love salty tears

And less of hopeless causes.

Trying to love new music

And forget ballroom dance routines.

Trying to love what is placed in front of me

Instead of looking in the rear view.

Trying to get rid of Nostalgia

While making out with her right now.

Trying to saw off the parts of me

That loved and lost

And keep a lid on the madness that comes

With caring so deeply and recklessly.

Mostly, trying to time warp

To a beautiful centerfold

Where it all makes sense to me

And I am not left in the dark.

Someone said darkness can be a gift.

I wonder if they ever thought like me

That darkness is where

A star relearns what makes this

Dull throbbing, ordinary fucked up place, absolutely


All I have known are lessons taught over and over again

And somehow I can’t read the fine print.

Trying to make the Last 10 years

Seem less like wasteless paper with scribbles written on it

And more like a beautiful mold

That built me.

I just can’t see it now.

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