January 9

Sometime around 7:30 my neighbor calls me to ask if my water is working because hers is not. At this time I also discover ours is completely off as well.
My husband goes down to the garage to see if there is a pipeline burst anywhere. As he does, my other neighbors chime in that they too have been affected with the water outage.
Within an hour recieve an HOA email explaining that there is a broken pipe somewhere and suggest that it may be a number of hours before water returns.
We discover on our neighborhood app the outage extends multiple blocks away.
I frustrate my husband talking about the possibility of attack on the water grid based on an article I had read a few months back about a hack that had been intercepted at a water treatment plant within a proximity of concern. He calls it panicking. I call it , troubleshooting while I assess the necessary concerns to prepare for based on the longevity of the inconvenience.

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