New Years Eve

I promise a bit of time to my neighbor April who wants to gather the other neighbor ladies in for the night so she can demonstrate her singing bowl technique.

It’s 7:30 ish and I’ll be the only one showing up, but I got my best duds on with my Gremlins Sweater and am open to seeing how this sound therapy session might be different then the probono Reiki session I got from my lady Dee quite some years back.

We have some chit chat, she talks about how before the pandemic she was trained and had taught classes over at Isis/Goddess books and this was her tip toeing back into practice. The session itself is relaxing enough, she stumbles over her words and ceremony a few times but otherwise conducts herself well enough. It does turn out to be similar to Reiki in that after she plays her music on her quartz bowls, she does some energy work with her hands over my form while I hold a shard of Amethyst. I can feel the warmth of her hands and she prompts some pleasant meditative visuals.
As I leave she sends me off with a massive helping of food, which I take home to fuel the stay up til midnight with the kid. To her credit she makes it to the fireworks, which we cantoo. Nicely
from our balcony. The husband is asleep for work in the early morning , but we save some goodies for him too.

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