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A little introduction is in order….
I’m D. Im not really sure when it all began but there are 8,006,905,371 of us walking this earth at this very moment and within one second, that number will have changed 10 times already but did you know that I know every single detail of every single life walking this fucking planet at any given single fucking moment? Yes, its true according to the people I have around me, I should know everything about their fucking lives WITHOUT being told anything in advance and im talked to and talked about like I am the scum of the earth for being clueless. Well FUCK ALL OF YOU who can’t fuckin speak for yourself while you speak for me as if you have taken the time to know me to do so. Keep pushing me to the edge. I dare any of you fucks. I’m done being nice. Keep pushing me to the edge and it will be you who fucking falls. Done with the emotional and mental torment of being left out of the loop but being expected to keep the loop going. Fuck that. Push me and I will push back harder, faster and without remorse even if it takes me to use weapons to do it. Suck my cock assholes

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