Not in front of the children

You tipped over 5 chairs, kicked our daughters’ two dance bags across the house, ripped the entryway mat, and scattered the contents of both trash bags down the hall. You were absolutely vile. I only care because you did it in front of our 6, 8 and 9 year olds. You terrified them. You terrified me. I hyperventilated. The front door was open. You opened it. The neighbors heard and saw. You forced our 8-year-old son to leave with you. Put him in a terrible position. The girls missed their holiday dance performance because of your tantrum. It happened 9 hours ago and I’m still quivering inside. Only because I am heartbroken for my kids. They can never unsee that. You are a terrible person.

One thought on “Not in front of the children”

  1. Reads like one of those amber alerts that pop up periodically when a kid is taken in a high intensity moment against established custody rights in terms of seriousness.

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