We got a portion of our holiday gifts set up little early. A doorbell camera that keeps an eye out for us at home, and a car camera to record the stuff that happens on the road.
An added bonus of the doorbell camera was it connects you to the neighborhood, with others sharing their alerts on lurkers, missing animals, etc. Unfortunately that perk is also a bit of a disappointment because now we’re seeing exactly how many lurkers are hanging out in the surrounding neighborhood testing doorknobs, getting into cars, and tis the season for package nabbers. I’d rather know than the suprise of a 3am intruder though.

Other than that, we had a few weeks of getting pounded by illness that the kid probably picked up at the playground. First came the flu, days of swimming in child vomit. Then came a feverish cold that knocked her out of school for just about another week.
It’s a relief for things to finally recover a sense of normalcy where I could get back to my work studies and daily challenges.

This weekend my mom’s bringing my grandma, brother, and her husband up for some early Christmas adventures. We’re going to have our yearly fondue indulgence at The Melting Pot and then hit up Camp Christmas for some kitchen, gaudy, fun. After the last few weeks, I am deeply looking forward to the spot of pampering.

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