Dear Linda
First time I’ve seen you in well over a year , I feel guilty if this is the level your reduced too , what are you doing to yourself , what are you doing , why would you be hanging out with these sort of people he’s old enough to be your grandfather , I know what was done to you when you were young would not have helped ypur situation but is there really a need for grandparents dating really , I ignored you and tried my best to avoid you was best I don’t ever really want to see you again to be honest , I hope your unhappy seems to me you are and will be if this is your effort at a relationship. Anyway I’m kinda happy seems to me like I’ve confirmed all you ever said or done to me was a lie and that makes me happy knowing I’m not missing anything only bullshit . I know you don’t understand me but I love you I really do even though I will never speak to you again I love you everyday .

I love you
Yours Always Michael

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