Fear of leaving is destroying me

I’m terrified of you leaving me. My trauma with abandonment is going to be the death of me one day. I hate the thoughts that go inside my head, even when I know I have no reason to be scared. I’m scared, even after everything we’ve been through, that deep down you don’t need me as much as I need you. I’m scared that you can go through the day and even weeks without me, even though you tell me you need me. I can’t control my thoughts and I don’t know how to tell you.

8 thoughts on “Fear of leaving is destroying me”

  1. Babat
    let me guess
    this is laughter but I’m a virgin still I’m shot at it sorry

    I think you gota come…
    News for me
    Whitch. Or class mate

  2. 10 minutes breathe.
    Don’t be someone else. If it fails us
    this is a lesson I learned
    I know it’s scary sometimes
    All timez

    Claire… xxx

  3. I never knew. I live in the past completely. call it bad timing.
    I want to nurture you like you have completely shown love.
    I can’t say sorry enough but I know it’s for your best
    I can help you look where you’ve come from in the last so long. It aches but I’m old.
    which is my make up.
    That’s what I’m good at but this comms is rubbish but timing and time will tell.

    For me humility and trust
    I hope to do some form of art again I lost all that.
    Quieten the mind.
    And stillness which you do have. I’m the fire. Always have been and in male.
    Sorry for the other stuff I’m just rather flattered by the delay.
    what can I do is a question I’d like to ask cus I would still do anything. But question as my intuition is a little off.
    hugs and love to all your fam.
    there good at what they do. They’re good for you. You took it easy and that’s the best I could hope for.
    swag style. But for me like I said. The less I think I know the better.
    hoping we can talk someday.
    Over something. art music walk.
    I’ve built up quite a bad reputation.
    and someone I know I can trust is all I need. And that has been you for a long time. It’s all love I hope. What can I do. Atm smoke drink tea but i long for more than a memory of you. Traumas tough I don’t ever doubt that.
    If you never called back I wouldn’t have known how joyous you are.
    I was jealous at the time.
    difficulty’s blaiming my mum in my late 20s
    I didn’t know it was you else I wouldn’t have said. Who’s this.
    smile and happy. Good tone and energy. it was like a short glitch in the whole system again.
    For me anyway. Sorry it was a nightmare your end

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