I have to forgive myself for the years I’ve wasted on you.
You can take me out of your rotation of women you cycle through.
I managed to stay out of that for 8 years, only to see you again and get sucked back into it.
What you is no better than a panhandler begging on a corner.
I really hope the career path I turned you on to works out and with a little luck, you’ll
either die as a hood ornament, road pizza, or you’ll just finally leave town.
All those sound good to me, so long as I can go back to my life without you.
5 months I dodged the bullet that was your texts, seeing you as I drove through town, your texts… 5 months, only to get stupid at month 6 because I was feeling low after another failed romance with someone totally not on my level (a bad idea from the start)… you hit me up as you do and because I was suddenly desperate for companionship closer to my own age, I texted back.
Correction, I texted back something other than Go F# yourself..I made a mistake, a few, dating someone 20 years younger and then agreeing to spend any time with you when I would have been better off just going to the bar and picking up a random guy, wouldve ended better than another round of F#kery with you. You waste of time. Go back to your air mattress on the floor, you live like a crackhead, you are such a bum. My bed is too comfortable without you in it.
I’m so ashamed of myself for ever letting u step foot in my place much less in my bed. I feel sick at the thought.

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