To Washington

My artist girl Annette over in the Ukraine is back online and has been sharing the going ons in her country ranging from the Crimea Bridge destruction, missile maps of where they’ve been hit, and videos of them huddled in the Kiev subway as air raid sirens blare.

Today she shared a video clip from Russia. A group of people marching with a mascot cartoon missile chanting To Washington.
It made the hairs on my arms stand up, but I know that the group of people I’m looking at is much smaller than the groups that are fleeing the country to places like Finland and Kazakhstan to avoid the draft.

When I attempted to talk to my mom about it, she gets aggitated saying that it’s our fault because of the Nordic Pipeline and that she won’t talk politics with me.
I feel it’s unfair to lay the blame squarely on our shoulders , but anymore if I try to talk current events with mom she becomes fixed in this aggressive we’re going to war verbiage, which tends to have an argumentative lean towards anything I have to divulge on the situation to me doesn’t do well for actually hosting conversations, but I still think it’s important to see so I send her and a handful of friends the links anyway.

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